The production of high quality honey depends on many environmental parameters, both inside and outside the hives. That is why monitoring of these parameters is of crucial importance for every professional or hobbyist beekeeper. Routine management of bee colonies requires on-site inspection of each hive. For a beekeeper with a few hives placed near his house, this effort is not a problem. However it becomes a major cost factor to a beekeeper who manages bigger number of beehives (especially if these are distributed over large geographic areas), or even practices migratory beekeeping.

XLOG bee is a SMS/GPRS remote monitoring system that enables data collection from beehives in chosen intervals. In addition to regular measuring reports, special alarm messages are sent immediately in case of alarm situation (beehive theft, sudden increase or decrease in hives weight, overload of the beehive, low battery etc.) to the beekeeper's mobile phone, e-mail address and to the server.

MICRO EL XLOG bee telemetry system provides remotely real time access and a 2-way communication between beekeeper and his hives via SMS/GPRS communication. XLOG bee is the latest addition to the MICRO EL SMS/GPRS product family. XLOG bee is low cost, waterproof, battery powered hive monitoring system that consists of XHS200 electronic scale, XLOG SMS/GPRS data logger electronic device and different kinds of sensors, that measure parameters inside and outside the beehive. Ultra low power consumption technology brings revolution in beehives remote monitoring. Once installed, the device can be active for years, with no need for maintenance or changing the batteries. Just Imagine! No more bringing heavy accumulators on the site! No more recharging them in the garage. No more worries!

XLOG bee system is carefully designed to archive ultimate simplicity of use for beekeeper. The only thing the owner really must do, is to set the mobile number and/or email address on which he wants to get reports from XLOG bee system. Users who choose to take advantage of web based XLOG bee software can really enjoy relaxing and intuitive user interface on their desktop computers (or smartphones).