XLOG bee.

High quality, simple and advanced. Best beehive scales in the market.

Technical characteristics.

Built-in battery
revolutionary technology enables autonomy for more than 10 years
Inox construction
ultra compact stainless steel construction
Waterproof enclosure
electronic board is embeded in robust IP67 polycarbonate enclosure
Cables protection
from rodents - flexible stainless steel conduit and fittings
Highest quality
Plentiful equipment
even in the standard model
Up to 4 scales
possibility of connecting on one device
Wide measurement range
up to 200kg, 10g resolution
from -25 °C to +50 °C
operating temperature (most used lead-acid batteries can’t operate on temperatures below zero)
High reliability
that is resulting from long-term experience with GSM remote control technology
Easy software update
on site with the upgrade stick
No need for installation or wiring
beehive scale just needs to be placed under the beehive
Getting started with one SMS message
containing "START“
410mmx360mmx80mm, weight 5,4kg
2 years

Inside of a scale

  • XLOG bee Data Logging:
  • weight of the beehives (up to 4 scales) (standard configuration)
    relative air humidity (standard configuration)
    outside temperature (standard configuration)
    nest temperature
    atmospheric pressure
    wind speed
    intruder alarm notification
    built-in battery voltage monitoring
    external 12V battery voltage monitoring

XLOG bee is an stand alone battery powered system that offers flexibility to be installed in any place regardless of the availability of the power supply installation. Thanks to advanced microprocessor technology applied, XLOG is consuming incredibly low power – only 26uA – while sleeping! That allows the device to have up to 10 years autonomy with single built-in lithium battery (this calculation is made for measuring on 1 scale, 1 temperature sensor, 1 humidity sensor (standard equipment) every hour, 1 SMS/GPRS report per day). Thanks to the revolutionary technology of low power consuming feature, once installed, the device can be active for years, with no need for maintenance or changing the batteries. Just imagine! No more bringing heavy accumulators on site and recharging them later in the garage. What a hassle!

XLOG bee monitoring system is an stand alone system that supports all hives on the market. XLOG bee is completely prepared in the factory, ready for PLUG & PLAY on the site. No special technical skill is needed. Even a beekeeper unfamiliar with modern gadgets can easily start working with it. The hive is simply placed on the XLOG bee's scale without need for any special installation.

XLOG bee system is carefully designed to achieve ultimate simplicity of use for beekeeper. All user settings are already set to manufacturer default values. After the hive is placed on the scale, the only thing the owner really must do is to send a SMS message with content “START” to the SIM number of his scale - the first report from his apiary is already arriving! Of course, users might want to set other parameters according to their needs (e.g. measuring and reporting frequency).

XLOG is built-in in a fully waterproof and very robust enclosure, industrial design protection class IP-67. The enclosure is made of UV-stabilized polycarbonate, resistant to all weather conditions and prolonged exposure to sunlight and atmospheric conditions. All connection cables are made through watertight glands. All connected sensors are also waterproof at IP-66 or IP-67 class. XLOG device is embedded within the scale module XHS200, which is made of high quality stainless steel. The scale module XHS200 has low profile, thus it can be easily hidden into the hive floor.

If there is a season in the year (e.g. during winter) when there is no need for monitoring beehives, it can be put into hibernation mode for a certain period. In this period, the device will not collect data, neither send SMS's to the owner, but it will measure elapsed time. After the expiration of chosen time it will normally continue with activity under earlier settings. In this mode, power consumption of the built-in battery is negligible small, therefore there is no need to disconnect battery, even if the device is not intended for use for a longer period of time.

18 years of MICRO EL's experience with SMS/GPRS remote control technology has been embedded into designing and creating the XLOG bee system. More than 4.000 GSM monitoring devices have been manufactured in the last decade, out of which more than 60% have been exported to Western European countries. XLOG SMS/GPRS device, which is the base of XLOG bee system, has already been used for years in remote monitoring of water consumption in the industry, and water supply system, on more than 700 locations. The philosophy that MICRO EL has been using in designing the XLOG bee system is to bring a reliable, resistant, easy to use, professional system for beehives SMS/GPRS remote management on the market. Thanks to built-in industrial GSM module XLOG bee system has reliable SMS/GPRS communication without interference and with a stability that provides perfectly accurate data.

XLOG bee works wherever SMS/GPRS signal is available. Built-in GSM high-performance antenna ensures strong signal reception. On locations with very weak GSM signal, external antenna can be fitted to SMA connector, for better reception.

Every XLOG bee system has its Security Code that is provided only for the customer. Changing mobile numbers or emails to which reports or emails are being sent is allowed only with the security code authentication. Any stolen device is useless to a thief and therefore uninteresting.

In addition to the standard equipment necessary in every apiary, XLOG bee system can be upgraded with an extension box that enables connecting additional sensors to the system. The system can be intelligently designed to protect apiary in 2 levels; the first level of protection (outside circle) could indicate an accidental human or an animal pass. SMS or email alarm will be sent to the beekeeper, but animal will probably be immediately scared from the noise and flash light of the siren. If an intruder dares to break the second level (the inner circle) of protection, a SMS will be send to beekeeper again, siren will start continuously to make noise probably scaring the hungry bear. Anyway, beekeeper will be timely informed of the unauthorized intrusion and he will be able to take the best measures according to the circumstances.

XLOG bee system is open to future improvements and updates with new models in order to reach needs of most beekeepers. Be open to contact us with your suggestions and wishes. All comments and suggestions are welcomed.

XLOG SMS/GPRS device is transmitting only a few seconds per message (usually one per day), so the impact on bees is negligible. XLOG bee uses about 1000 times less energy than scales that are connected to external accumulators, so therefore electromagnetic radiation is 1000 times weaker.