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Dalmatina 2017.

International Beekeeping Fair in Split

Dalmatina 2017

This was another year we had a lot of success visiting the international "Dalmatina" beekeeping fair in Split. It is a pleasure to say that the beekeepers expressed great interest in our scales, as states the fact that this year we have achieved 80% of the return of the funds invested in beekeeping scales through state and European incentives. We were glad to see dear people again and exchange this year's experience.

Piacenza 2017.

International Beekeeping Fair in Italy

Piacenza 2017

For the second consecutive year, we presented at the Piacenza fair. Italy is the market to which we are now entering, but with pleasure we can already say that we are very well accepted and that we see the interest shown. We sold a few scales, shared a lot of promotional material, and met interesting people from the bee-keeping world. Visitors came from all over Europe. We will certainly continue to work on expanding into the Italian market where we have left a striking mark.

Current deliveries.

Projects and scales we are working on

Current deliveries

We are just in the process of preparing two scales for an important client in the North Pole who has already commissioned us several beekeeping scales. We are proud of the fact that from the weighing order process to the delivery up to a maximum of thirteen minutes. The scale is always carefully monitored, programmed, cleansed and carefully packed. Delivery is done only with reputable couriers. In this way, our client is confident that he is getting a first-class product with a lot of effort and effort invested. And his dormitories are also pleased.