Beehives SMS/GPRS remote monitoring system enables a beekeeper to get up to date information about beehives. Based on these parameters from the hives, a beekeeper can intervene promptly and efficiently, he can even know precisely when honey must be harvested. He can plan activities such as migrating to better pasture, feeding, extraction etc... Furthermore, analyzing parameters through the season enables foresight management of the hives.

Beekepers who know the benefits of honey yield remote notification already make high profits from the technology. XLOG bee device with one, or better with two scales (due to possible anomalies in one hive, e.g. bee swarm etc.) is placed on each apiary. By carefully monitoring the results received by SMS messages, beekeeper knows when and where best yield is achieved, reacting promtly and placing most of his beehives to the winning location. The results are astonishing, often returning investment in a matter of days!